Sunday, November 24, 2013

2013 Christmas card

This is the card that we will be sending out to our relatives and friends for the coming christmas holiday season. The image was based on my own painting of a branch of a holly plant with bright red berries. I am really satisfied with how my painting looks in a card form. Printed inside the card is the same image in small round form plus short text. This card is 15x15 cm in size.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Holly branch with berries

In watercolors, 18x24 cm
Early last month, when we were walking inside the Arboretum Poort Bulten at De Lutte (Netherlands) I saw a holly plant full of red berries. With christmas season in my mind, I took some pictures of the plant with the intention of using them as reference for a painting which I will use for printing christmas cards. I actually produced two paintings based from the pictures, one is painted in watercolors which is this one above, and the other is in acrylic. I like both versions but I chose the one in acrylic for my christmas cards because of its stronger colors. I will post in this blog later how the card looks like.

These past days I was deeply saddened with what I saw and read from the news about the impact of typhoon Haiyan on the people of the Philippines. Some weather experts considered Haiyan as the strongest typhoon ever landed on earth. I could not imagine how those victims survived the 315 km per hour wind. I just hope and pray that those victims received the necessary help they need so that they will be able to continue hoping for a brighter future. May God bless all of them and also those who are providing help.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

three pink roses

I painted these roses a couple of months ago when I was trying to know more about acrylic paints. I based this on my imagination of a rose. Did this on canvas panel, 13x18cm in size.