Thursday, April 28, 2016

Am back with my watercolors

I always find it difficult to start again when for some time I don't use my brushes. I was away for about nine weeks and that for me is too long without my brushes. I missed them. So, to warm up my hand, I spontaneously drew and painted this rose using my brush and watercolor paints on watercolor paper. Have a nice art day.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Am back from Asia trip

I was on a 9-week trip to Asia. This is the reason why this blog was silent for a while. During the trip, I was busy; and even if I have time to sketch or visit my blog, I would rather spend it resting. I got easily tired due to warm weather. Another thing is that internet connection in the place where I stayed is slower than what I am used to, so that made me more not enthusiastic to use my tablet or smartphone in browsing the internet. But I enjoyed the trip. Below are photographs of some plants, etc.