Thursday, October 8, 2020

Unexpected Situation

Just like many, I didn't expect that the world will be facing a deadly pandemic called Covid-19. When I travelled to Asia last January, my plan was to be back home last March. This didn't happen because at that time coronavirus was beginning to infect many people. And many countries began to implement lockdown in which almost everything stopped. I was in the Philippines when my flight back home was cancelled many times because airlines were not allowed to fly in. When it was clear to me that many people and even medical doctors were suffering and dying from coronavirus, I started to fear of being infected and felt very worried. At that time, I gave in to the thought that since everything seemed so uncertain I'll gonna wait until the situation calms down and the risk of flying is lessen before I plan my flight back home. 

After almost eight months of waiting and because of the looming second wave of coronavirus, I finally decided that it was time to book a flight. Besides, the situation everywhere in the world seems to indicate that the virus will linger or will be with us longer than we expected it to be. I had planned cautiously my flight so as to lessen my fear and the risk of being infected while on the way back home. I chose to fly direct to Amsterdam and spent more for a good seat and less stress journey.

At the moment, I already completed a fourteen days quarantine at home and I am feeling good. So, may be being cautious and careful helped.

Below is a quick sketch that I made during a lockdown moment in the Philippines.

In watercolor


  1. It is a beautiful sketch. Do you know many people who have it?

  2. I am glad that this situation of anguish had a happy ending, it is something that has taken us almost by surprise and in which we are immersed, around here the situation is very complicated, my city confined without being able to enter or leave, the second The wave is very strong, we hope to pass it with the recommendations of the authorities, meanwhile we will paint and try to return to the new normal for now.

  3. I'm glad you are fine, Cora. The son of friends of mine was in the Phillipines as well, and returned after five months. Love your roses!

  4. Dear Cora it is good to read that you are safe and well at home. Yes who would have known in January how perilous the times would become. Praying we get through the fall and winter safe too. Love your rose painting. Take care - Hugs!

  5. A long wait to get home, glad to hear you are well ! Beautiful roses, love the soft color .

  6. Goed te horen dat het goed met je gaat; je rozen zijn heel mooi .
    Hou je verder ook nog gezond in deze onzekere tijden !
    Groetjes van Simonne


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