Monday, April 27, 2015

Crossed legs

Yesterday, our painting club had  again an exhibition showing our old and new paintings. Everybody in the club had a great time. Some of us were fortunate to sell something. But the most important thing at least for me was that I enjoyed the exhibition, e.g. the preparation, entertaining people's questions and hearing positive things about my works, etc. This was the reason why I have no post for a couple of weeks. 
About the painting below, it was one of my paintings included in the exhibition. And it was the most popular and appreciated subject among my paintings during the activity. It is in watercolor. I took this image while the painting is already framed with glass, so the color is much better in the original.
Have a nice week to everyone.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hibiscus II

Watercolor, 18x23 cm
I based this painting from my own photograph of a newly-opened hibiscus flower which I took during one of my trip to Asia sometime in May, 2010. The flower is in pale yellow with some darker yellow lines. In the original painting, its colors are much livelier than what you see here. 

More pleasant and fruitful art days to everyone.