Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Oil painting study

Two weeks ago, I joined with other members of our painting club to try oil paints for the first time. With my goal of just knowing how oil paints work, I chose a simple image to paint. So, the above painting is my very first oil painting. In the original, the small trees are much darker, which is supposed to be so as in the reference image I used. I don't know why they are much lighter in this photograph. Right now I am busy  with my second oil painting study - just to be more familiar with using the paints.


  1. Hi Cora,
    This is your first oil painting? Wow! What a beautiful piece.. I know you will enjoy. What I use to love is painting the trees with a sea sponge... I really loved the effect. I always found oils to be very forgiving..
    You can accomplish such beauty with oils.. The depth you can achieve is really great. Unfortunately I cannot take the odor of the oils or turps any longer, so now I use watercolors and acrylics...
    I am looking forward to your next oil.

  2. A great first oil painting, the sky is really beautiful, well done ! Looking forward to seeing the next one !

  3. Hey Cora, het is mooi geworden hoor,digitale foto's geven soms een kleurverschil...
    groetjes van Simonne

  4. The delicate sky is beautiful, congratulations! I would never imagine this is only your first experience with the medium. I can't wait to see what you are working on next!

  5. Wow Cora I would not call this a study but a beautiful painting. It looks like you have a real feel for this new medium. Have a super day.


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