Sunday, June 5, 2011

Church ruins

Watercolor, 30x40 cm
 I normally don't use the flash from my camera when I take picture of my painting, so that could be the reason why the color in the picture is much softer than the original. Just like in this church ruins, the color is much livelier in the original. Numerous volcanic eruptions in 1814 buried this church in southern Philippines. And what remains was only this image which became one of the famous landmarks in that region. This is based on the photo by Donald C. Tapan published by NBS 2010. I still want to improve this painting.


  1. Mooi geschilderd, Cora! Het perspectief van de doorkijk door de ramen heb je goed getroffen!
    Ik vind het soms ook moeilijk om een goede foto te maken van mijn schilderijen. Soms doe ik het ook met de scanner, als het schilderij klein genoeg is, dan zijn de kleuren helderder.

  2. Dank je wel Judy. O ja, scanner is een goed idee. Ik zal volgende keer proberen.

  3. Lovely painting, Cora .
    The variations in your greens are fab.
    What was it you were not happy with and wanted to improve?

  4. Hi Pat, thank you for your kind comments. I thought of putting darker green at the base (left and front) of the church's ruins to improve the contrast between the ground's yellow green and the gray brown colors of the church tower. Maybe that is not necessary anymore.


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