Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nuenen's little church

Watercolor, 24x30 cm
This is a Dutch reform little church in Nuenen, The Netherlands. I was there last August this year and took some photographs of the church and other sceneries in the city.  The building was founded in 1824; and the father of Vincent van Gogh was a pastor here from 1882-1885. Vincent had himself painted this building more than once. Check for more on the history of the city and van Gogh family. While entering the city, a visitor will be welcome by a board with a written ad "van Gogh village." Indeed if a visitor will follow the designated 'walking path,' he/she will see not only green sceneries but also places where Vincent painted some of his famous paintings. See below some photos from the city.


  1. Lovely watercolour of the church - and I can see you painting another soon, of that windmill!

  2. Mooi schilderij, Cora! Leuk om die informatie over Nuenen te lezen, dat wist ik niet. Ik ben het met Pat eens: die foto met de molen is erg schilderachtig!

  3. Hello Pat and Judy,
    Yes I'm going to paint one of these days that windmill surrounded by sunflowers. I have another better picture than that one above. Thank you for your nice comments.

  4. I love paintings from other countries. I don't travel so it's always interesting to see these. Yes, the windmill would be a good choice. great photo.. BJ


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