Friday, May 25, 2012

Pansy in violet

At the moment we have a pot in our balcony full of mini flowers of pansy in violet-dominated color - see the second photo. I bought the plant last March but it still gives lots of beautiful flowers which I enjoy looking everyday. Yesterday, I picked up one flower and painted it while sitting near a salon table - see the first photo. The painting is not what I had hoped for to be. I  tried to paint it in a loose style, but I guess I failed to do that. Anyway, I am in a practice mood so there are always many next times to try. The beauty of painting, at  least in my experience, is that it relaxes my mind while I'm enjoying the whole process.


  1. Your pansy is lovely, Cora! I love pansies! Maybe the next one you paint will be looser and more to your liking.

  2. Hello Cora:) That's the main thing for me too; relaxing my mind while painting. And it works:) Your pansy is lovely and the colors are beautiful! Not loose but still adorable:)

  3. Very lovely -- enjoy the process is the true spirit!


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