Saturday, August 24, 2013

a short exercise in watercolors

With my desire to use other medium - other than watercolors, I started painting more using acrylic these past days. However, today I suddenly realized I am missing my favorite watercolors, so I did a little exercise following the loose style of Jean Haines of painting roses. In the first stage of my effort, I got what you see below. I made this image while I was waiting the paint to dry before I continue working on the next stage of the exercise. I am curious how this image will look like in the next stage.
Hope you are all well and have an enjoyable weekend.


  1. Roses are never easy, neither is loose painting. These roses are coming along beautifully though. Your colours are lovely and fresh and you have lots of lovely lost and found edges with plenty of pigment movement too. Very nice.

  2. Cora - I like the start of these roses. I think they look so fresh and fluid. Hope you too are having a great day. Happy painting!

  3. Thank you Laura and Debbie for stopping by. Appreciate your nice comments. Greetings.


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