Wednesday, April 23, 2014

practicing with loose style

Painted this hare last Easter Sunday. I'm really having a hard time to loosen up with my technique. So as a guide, I checked some of the watercolorists with a loose style. One style that fascinated me was that of Jean Haines. I am wondering, from what I saw from her blog, how she could just produce a painting with some limited strokes. Anyway, above is the result I got after employing what I had observed from others' works. I used here a reference image from a local newspaper here in my place. The image served only for me to know how a hare really looks like.


  1. Cora , I too try to loosen up my w/c. You would think it would be a snap, but no it's not.
    I don't know about anyone else, but when I paint loose it just looks like I''m not done, and then the more you play with it the worse it gets... I guess it just takes practice, practice.
    Love your bunny , he does look loose and cool !!
    Just a suggestion but you might want to get rid of that Captcha (verification)? thing on your comments.
    It really stops people from commenting.. and sometimes it takes more than one time.
    Just sayin' BJ

  2. Hi BJ,
    All the while I thought I remove that verification thing on the comments section of my post. Thank you for reminding me. I myself don't like it. I hope when you visit again, you will not be asked anymore to type that verification thing. Thank you also for your nice comments.

  3. Hey Cora I'll try it out right now... thanks for the visit and your very welcome words.
    My blogging friends are the best !!!
    ok lets see if that thing is gone..

  4. Het wordt steeds beter Cora....


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