Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Watercolor, 28x38 cm
I wanted to paint this little firecrest in a loose style. But I can see that I was not successful to do that. Maybe I'll try next time.


  1. It's still a fabulous painting, Cora. I love how you've captured the glint in his eye!

  2. Dit vogeltje zit er wel heel lief bij vind ik.

  3. Loose or not it is very well done ,beautiful coloring , and like Pat I love that piercing little eye :-)

  4. Cora this is really delightful how it is because you painted it with heart and soul rather than with what your head was telling you to do. Sometimes we have to forget what is in our head and just allow our instinct and brushes to take over. I was given a valuable bit of advice from a professional artist many moons ago... never worry about style, just paint.

    1. Thank you Laura for the tip. You are right, we should just allow our instinct and brushes to take over, just paint and be happy whatever the outcome is.

  5. Dear Cora - I think he is perfect just the way he is. What a lovely bird. It may not be what you were wanting to achieve in style but I so agree with Laura...you painted him with your heart and that is why he is so beautiful. Hugs

  6. Hello everyone,
    Thank you for your nice comments and visits. I appreciate very much your efforts.
    Hope you are all fine. God bless...


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