Sunday, October 1, 2017

Special card and Corsica trip

I was away for a vacation trip to Corsica, an island in the Mediterranean which belongs to France. It is in the north of the Italian island Sardinia. Meanwhile, after arriving from such trip, somebody requested me to paint this card to be sent to a couple who has a wedding anniversary this week. This card is 5x5 inches on hahnemuhle watercolor paper.

This coming Wednesday I will be attending again our weekly painting club session. Hopefully, I will be creatively productive again during the rest of the year.

Below are a few photos I made from Corsica:


  1. Dear Cora,
    Your rose is exquisite! Beautiful work, and what an amazing vacation you had.

  2. Dear Cora - your rose is so beautiful. As for your vacation - wow what a beautiful place to visit. So glad you shared your photos. Have a lovely day. Hugs!

  3. Corsica is beautiful , hope you got to see Bonifacio which is an old town built on the rocks and it looks like it is going to fall into the sea anytime . And your rose is lovely as always !


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