Friday, February 4, 2011

Van Gogh's Asylum Hospital in St-Remy-de-Provence

This is an outside view of the walled-Saint Paul de Mausole, an asylum in St-Remy de Provence where Vincent van Gogh voluntary asked for help for his illness (May 1889). I was there in 09 October 2005 and just like other tourists with their cameras, I took some pictures of the surrounding areas of St-Remy including the asylum. Then, I was not yet into painting as a hobby, so many of the photographs I took were not really professionally taken. I based the above painting from one of those photographs. I still have to do some small finishing touches with this piece.
During our visit to St-Remy, we followed the route where Vincent had painted some of his master pieces. Then we ended our tour to the hospital where we visited the museum inside the compound.


  1. Hi Cora,
    Your painting of Van Gogh's asylum in St.Remy is so nicely painted. The way you have handled the brick texture of the wall is very good.
    I especially like the rose painting from December- the shadows are very well painted - very dimensional. Roses are not easy to paint and your colors are lovely.

  2. Thank you Barbara for your nice comment. Getting comments from a professional like you made me feel good and it increases my enthusiasm to continue my journey in painting.


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