Saturday, February 26, 2011

Valentine's Day Rose

This rose was standing in our living room during Valentine's day. I did not have any idea that I want to paint it until a few days after that day. I decided to take a photo of the rose and later made a sketch. It was a beautiful light pink and strong red pink at the end of the petals. I don't have yet a pink color in my acrylic palette so this painting is in red. This is done in acrylic paper, and not yet finish.


  1. Hi Cora...because you were the 1650th commenter on my blog you have won a free set of J Hill Paintings note cards. Please email me your choice and the address you would like me to send them to. Happy painting to you!

  2. Hi Julie, I really felt lucky and excited that I've won your free note cards. They're special...since they are coming from you. I've already sent you an email with my choice. Thank you very much and I wish you more success in selling your beautiful paintings.

  3. Hoi Cora,
    Ik zie dat jij ook van mooie kleuren houdt! Mooie roos! Lekker vlammend.

  4. Hi Jennifer, Ja ik houd van mooie kleuren. En jij ook he! Ik heb jouw orchidee schilderijen gezien. Ze zijn echt mooi. Ik ben net begonnen met acryl, misschien ga ik het meer gebruiken.


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