Friday, November 18, 2011

The Farmhouse

Watercolor, 30x40 cm
I wanted to throw this piece but decided to keep it together with my other 'to be improved' works. I tried to improve it and the result is this image. Perhaps I'll make another version of this.
This is a farmhouse of the cattle business 'Ferme des Plaines' in Saulieu, France. I based this from my own photograph I took in the winter, I think two years ago. During summer time those stems on the concrete of the house are full of green leaves and they turn reddish in the fall. To give you an idea, below is my recent picture of one of the windows of the house.


  1. Its a lovely painting, Cora. Maybe some stronger shadow cast by the porch on the house would make it stand out even more? Only a suggestion for you to ponder while it is in your to be worked on pile xx

  2. As always, thank you Pat for your nice suggestion. I'll immediately try it.

  3. Maar ik herken het wel direct!!!


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