Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On travel

The Mangoes
Been busy with the preparation for my travel to Southeast Asia. I will be away for almost 2 months and probably may not be able to post any painting. But I'll open and hopefully write something here. Also I'll try to visit all your blogs to see your beautiful paintings. I have brought with me my graphite and watercolor pencils so that I can do some sketching. Until next time and I wish you all a very fruitful art days.
In this painting are mangoes from my photographs of my previous trip.


  1. That is quite a long time to be gone Cora, wish you a wonderful trip! Your mangoes are delightful, great work! Have fun! xx

  2. De mango's zijn prachtig geschilderd, Cora! Goede reis en heel veel plezier!

  3. Hi Cora, I wish you a very good trip to Southeast Asia. Your mangoes are nice, with a good composition. In my opinion you should play a bit more with the different tones on the fruits to give more sense of volumes and to create some shadows. Ciaoooo!

  4. Happy and Safe trip... yes, do some sketching and drawing.
    Barbra Joan .

  5. Hallo Cora:) Geweldig zo'n mooie reis! Ik hoop dat je er heel veel van geniet en dat je gezond en wel terugkomt met heel veel energie om te schilderen! Goede reis!!!

  6. Jane, Judy, Tito, BJ and Renate,
    Thank you so much for all your good wishes.

    Tito, I appreciate very much your suggestions and tips. Hope you'll continue doing so. they help a lot. ciaoooo


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