Saturday, March 3, 2012

Windmill and sunflowers

This is an impression on the windmill and sunflowers that I had seen last summer (2011) in Nuenen, The Netherlands. Nuenen is called by its people as 'Van Gogh village'. Here are a few pictures of the place. This is in watercolor on 300 gms cold pressed Canson Montval watercolor paper.


  1. I love this sweet painting Cora, so pretty with the sunflowers in the foreground. I grew up in Denmark with a windmill as a neighbor , looks totally like this one. Wish you a nice sunday.

    1. Jane, you are always to gentle and kind. Thank you.

  2. My daughter is 12 and as a birthday gift to a neighbor, she is wanting to paint for her, some of her favorite things. She will paint either sunflowers and a windmill, or Texas bluebonnets and a windmill. Your examples are so beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing them!


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