Sunday, June 24, 2012

watercolor painting exercise

Two weeks ago I was with my painting group. Because I did not prepare beforehand what I was going to paint and could not think at that moment what subject to work on, I decided to consult a book. And the calla lily image attracted my eyes and became my subject. Unfortunately I forgot to get the title of the book and the owner of the image. I want to give credit to the owner of the image where I based this painting, so if someone out there is the owner, please send me a message under the comment section of this post. I used the image only as a reference for my watercolor painting exercise.

I had almost set aside this painting because I didn't like the background. But after some suggestions from my painting group members and further reworking I decided to keep and post it here. I think in painting, patience is necessary to get a better result.


  1. Hallo Cora:) I vind je bloem heel mooi en de achtergrond ook. Doordat je de bloem schaduw hebt gegeven komt deze mooi los van de achtergond. De bloem zelf heeft heel veel diepte. Knap hoor! Heel mooi gedaan!

  2. Oh yes, a lot of patience, but you have done a great painting , the Calla is lovely ! xx

  3. Ik vind hem erg mooi, Cora. Er zit veel diepte in!

  4. Ciao Cora,
    mi piace il fatto che questa calla ha qualcosa di vicino alla farfalla!
    Ciao, ciao, Floriana


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