Saturday, June 30, 2012

another exercise on strawberries

I am not yet finish with the project I am working on this week. In the meantime I have this quick small exercise on strawberries which I did last week. I wanted to do this in a loose technique. But as shown here, my goal was not a success. I also don't like the sprinkled watercolors that I added. I think they are done too much here. Anyway, I had a nice time last week eating these strawberries which I chopped (with some more) and mixed them with my favorite ice cream 'Hertog Slagroomijs' -:). Check HERE my other strawberry work. Have a nice weekend everyone. 


  1. Both strawberry paintings are very, very nice, Cora.

  2. You know I like to sprinkle my watercolors...and I like both of them, and the sprinkling, too :-) You too have a nice weekend !

  3. Ik voel me een beetje schuldig dat ik dat gezegd heb, van de spetters. Sorry dat je het niet mooi vindt, Cora. Ik moet eerlijk zeggen dat ik de aardbeien erg mooi vind!

    1. Oh Judy I like watercolor sprinkles but not the way I had done them in these strawberries. It is too much I think. I saw many who can do them very nicely. I appreciated very much your suggestions. Please continue giving suggestions on my work.

  4. Cora Lovely work on your strawberries and I do like your sprinkles too. They add spontaneity and expression to your painting but I love loose paintings anyway for this reason. Take care. Laura x

  5. Cora your strawberries look good enough to eat. Love the watercolor sprinkles - it adds lovely texture. Thanks so much for sharing. God Bless


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