Tuesday, July 10, 2012


  • In July 2010, we were on holiday in Brittany in France. With our car, we were able to visit so many places in the region. One day, we found ourselves in the place Brignogan-Plages. Somewhere there, we found this menhir (standing stone) and had our lunch there. In my photograph, there are some houses in the background but I did not include them in this image. Also I did not follow the original color of the menhir which is generally grayish. 
  • There are many touristic places in Brittany which show lots of these menhirs. Those interested to know more about them, you can find some good readings in the internet.


  1. Cora what an interesting subject. Love your greens that you used to surround the Menhir - I have never seen such here. We have lots of rocks but the height makes this rather unusual. Isn't fun learning about each other's world? Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Prachtig geschilderd, Cora!


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