Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mother and child

Last year when I was on holiday in a farm in Saulieu, France I witnessed the birth of a young cow or calf. I saw how the mother cow underwent a caesarean delivery. This was done since the mother cow could not deliver her baby naturally. While the mother cow was standing, the veterinarian made a cut vertically on her stomach, just enough for the calf to pass through. After some seconds I saw one of the feet of the calf coming out from the cut. The calf was pulled out from the mother's belly and was laid on the ground full of dry grass straws. While the veterinarian was busy stitching the cut, the farmer took care of the calf. When everything was put in order and the mother cow began to move to the direction of her baby, I wondered what she would do. After some minutes, I saw her giving a gentle touch to her child. What a marvel to see how the mother cow showed her love for her baby. It was so amazing and touchy scene. I was able to take some photographs of the scene and I used one of them to work on the above painting.
My intention in this painting was to represent what I had seen between the mother cow and her child. The painting itself is not remarkable, but what is important for me this time is what it represents. I know I need to improve it or perhaps paint a new and bigger one. This painting is only 18x24 cm or 7"x9.5".


  1. Must have been very touching to witness that.

    If you do another painting, will be interesting to see the two side by side. I sometimes do that to chart my progress :) xx

  2. Wat een mooi moment om te schilderen!
    Ben benieuwd of je een groter schilderij ervan gaat maken!

  3. What a touching story. Imagine, have a C-section while standing up! Nature is so incredible...I think that you would really enjoy painting a much larger painting of this moment. Well done, Cora!

  4. Het is ook moeilijk om zo'n teer en nog nat kalfje te schilderen denk ik, maar de moeder is heel goed gelukt: de liefde voor het kalf en tegelijkertijd haar waakzaam oog, herkenbaar! Het gaat touwens erg goed met moeder en dochter. X!

  5. Thank you all. I'll try to make a bigger painting but probably covering the entire scene because I just cropped the above image from a bigger photograph.

    Hoi Maaike, bedankt voor jouw bezoek en voor het commentaar. Tot ziens


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