Monday, August 29, 2011

My try on Vickie's cone flowers

These sketches are based from Vickie's way of painting white cone flower which she shared in her blog. The link to her blog is HERE. The first one was really my firt attempt but I like it more than the second one. My version may not be as good as that of Vickie's, but I had some fun doing the whole process. Thanks Vickie for sharing what you know. I noticed that my cone flowers seem something like daisies. I need more practice I think.


  1. Mooi, Cora! Ik wou ze ook eens proberen.
    Ik vind de nieuwe banner en kleuren van je blog erg mooi!

  2. Cora, these are lovely! I especially love the way the colors blend in the center and form whisper-y petal shapes. The green in the second one is especially beautiful. I love your blog. As I've shown my art on my blog over the past several years, I've learned that the courage it takes to show my work, enriches me in every way, and inspires my artistic efforts. Thank you for sharing your work!

  3. Beautiful cone flowers! I would have recognised them as such. Love how you have the colours fizzing into each other. xx

  4. Hoi Judy,
    Ik heb veel plezier gehad van de oefening die ik deed van de 'cone flowers.' Het is de moeite waard om te doen. Ook, vind ik de nieuwe kleuren van deze blog mooier. Tot ziens.

    Hi Vickie, thank you for your visit and for your encouraging comments. I'm really learning a lot from people like you who gladly share knowledge to others.

    Hi Pat, thanks for seeing my cone flowers as such. You know as I always say, I highly appreciate your comments, which just like others' comments, they are sources of encouragement and motivation for me to continue learning.

  5. Cora, would you be willing to let me post one of your coneflowers on my blog? I have missed the fun of an art class this year, especially the joy of seeing everyone else's work. Your coneflowers reminded me of how much fun that its!

  6. Vickie, I was not at home for a while that's why you got no reply from me. It's okey if you want to post in your blog my coneflowers. Until next time.


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