Sunday, September 4, 2011

Red berries and Van Gogh lodging house

I have not touched my paint brushes for a week. And the reason is that I was in the city of Groningen in the northern part of Holland. After a couple of days discovering the city, we left on Friday and on the way back to our place, we stopped in Menkemaborg in Uithuizen to see the old castle there. While at the parking lot, I saw lovely red berries and picked up a little branch full of them. I let the branch stand in water, and yesterday afternoon I was able to make a rough sketch of the berries - see below.

Menkemaborg castle
 We were also able to see the house where Vincent van Gogh stayed in New Amsterdam. It is now being used as a restaurant. And nearby the house is a Van Gogh center with a museum.

The house where Vincent van Gogh stayed.

The house where Vincent stayed and a Van Gogh center with a museum.


  1. Lovely sketch of the berries, very loose and watery!
    How fab that you got to see the house turned restaurant where Van Gogh stayed. Did you go inside the museum or was there not enough time?

  2. Pat,I had been in that house before but then my camera stopped working, and besides they didn't allow camera inside the museum. Last week, the museum was already closed when we arrived in the place, the restaurant was still open but it is still early to have dinner and I felt not hungry enough to have it. anyway my only intention last week was to take a photograph of the house since I'd seen the place before.


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