Thursday, August 18, 2011

An orchid

I don't know how this orchid flower is called. It was not labelled when I took its photograph, and I forgot to ask the lady owner of its name. Next time probably I'll get the name.
This is done in watercolor, its size is approximately 24x30 cm or 9.5x11.75 inches. The original painting has much brighter colors and the background is much darker than what is shown here. Do you have any suggestion on what to improve further in the painting?


  1. If you darken the background Cora, it would make the flower appear brighter without you having to touch the flower at all!
    Use a very soft brush, wet the whole background and lay in a darker wash. The soft brush will stop any colour lifting when you glide new water in.

  2. I really appreciate your suggestion Pat. Thanks a lot. I'm learning from you.


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