Thursday, August 4, 2011


This is Orly, the sweet and cute dog of my nephew. I love dogs but having one in the house is a big no for me. But when I met Orly, that attitude I thought changed. He is so lovely and clever. He is friendly to everyone and very loving dog. He shows us why we should care and love him. 
Anyway, this painting is not yet finished. I stopped working on it since I became doubtful as how to proceed further. I planned to paint it loosely but it turned out not. I find his nose not really good and I have to darken further the area under his ears. I also want to paint a light violet background, but not sure yet if I'll do that. I plan to paint the background just around the painting and not in the entire background space. Maybe some of you can give me advice what to do next. This is my first attempt to paint a dog.


  1. O wat mooi en knap, Cora! Hij is prachtig!
    Voor de achtergrond heb ik geen advies, dat vind ik zelf ook moeilijk. Alleen rond het gezicht klinkt als een goed idee.
    Voor zijn neus kun je eventueel de verf voorzichtig een klein beetje nat maken en verf opdeppen met een tissue, zodat je wat highlights krijgt op zijn neus.

  2. Dat wat Judy zegt over de neus of je pakt een middelgrijze pastelkrijt en daar maak je de neus mee af. Je kan ook met pastelkrijt schilderen. Je gebruikt het dan net zoals met aquarel. Je hond is goed gelukt Cora.

  3. Judy en Renske, bedankt voor jullie tips. Ik zal morgen proberen om Orly te verbeteren.

  4. For a first attempt he is very good!

    A pale violet background would be lovely. You can paint that very loosely - or you could wet the background and let the blue and crimson mingle on the page.

    On the dog, just some minor changes would I suggest.
    If you can, make the bottom of the left eye more in line with the right. It looks a little smaller.

    On the nose, take a damp brush and stroke along the joint between nose and snout to soften the line. That line is not as defined as you have it.
    And lastly, lift a little spot on the tip of the nose, as far back to white as you can get. It will make the nose appear to shine :)

    They are only minor changes, just a few minutes to do. I think you've done a splendid job for a first attempt, Cora. Bravo! xx

  5. Thank you very much Pat for finding time to write your comments. I really appreciate them and they are surely a source of encouragement. I will try to do what you've suggested. Have a nice weekend.


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