Friday, August 17, 2012

jonagold apple drawing

Last night I went to bed at about 12:00. I was not able to sleep immediately until I think almost 3am. So this morning I got up late and feeling not really good. I sat on our sofa until 9:30 and then prepared my breakfast. While I was eating, suddenly I thought of my new box of charcoal. I decided then to pick it up and drew this apple to try it. I have been using pastels but this is my first time ever to use a charcoal. I think I will use this medium more often for my drawing exercises.
Jonagold apple is my favorite kind of apple. Its taste is somewhat sweet and sour, and really crispy. 


  1. Hallo Cora:) Ik vind het wel heel bijzonder dat je zo'n mooie appel maakt terwijl je nog niet eerder met dit medium gewerkt hebt. Heel mooi!

  2. I've never really used charcoal - your apple is great!

  3. Cora - great charcoal drawing - I haven't used charcoal much but I guess it is a great tool to warm up with and helps with pastels. Jonagold is one of my favorite apples as well. Thanks for sharing.


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