Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Schwebebahn

During our short visit (4 days) to some cities in Germany, one thing that really amazed me was the Schwebebahn in Wuppertal. In English I think it is called suspension train, but I called it hanging train. I enjoyed very much the rides that we had with the train while doing our sightseeing tour in the city. I have never seen before such kind of railway. It is an amazing innovation. It is running above the river and it is really swinging. One time I could not immediately get out of the train because it was swinging. Anyway, for those who have not seen the train, I have here some photographs for you.

The driver in front of me and the light green arcs that hold the hanging train rails.
Here the hanging train is coming while passengers were waiting for a ride in one of the stations.
I took this photo while under the train station. And here we can see the train in blue is coming.
Taken while inside the train. The arcs in light green hold the train.
Hanging train rails in one of the stations.
Closer look of the hanging train rails in one of the stations.


  1. I would call it a hanging train , too..must be quite an experience swinging in a train :-) Hugs.

  2. He reiziger:) Wat een mooie foto's. Lijkt me geweldig om op deze manier een stad te bezichtigen. Geen verkeer. Geen mensen die in de weg lopen. Heel handig! Fijn weekeinde:)


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