Friday, September 28, 2012

newly harvested lemon

I had a problem with my computer that is why I was silent for a while. Fortunately, all my files have been recovered. There is still to be done with the computer, but it is now working although it runs a bit slower. Being not good in the technical aspect of the computer, I really have no idea what went wrong.
Anyway, at the moment I am busy with a bigger size painting which I am not yet ready to show it here. For the meantime, here is a small piece (ATC size) done on a scrap watercolor paper. Normally I do this small piece when I have little time to paint but has the urge to use my brush.
We love using lemon juice to our food and drinks that is why it is always present in our kitchen. I think lemon is a healthy fruit to have.
Have a nice weekend to all!


  1. I'm glad all is well again with the computer ! This lemon is a little piece of perfection, very well painted, and I agree .... lemon is extremely god for you, I ought to use it more often . Have a nice weekend.

  2. Hallo Cora:) Eenvoud siert de kunst! Mooie kleuren. Mooi geschilderd.

  3. Ik ben een beetje laat, maar ik wou je laten weten dat ik je citroen erg mooi vind!

  4. Thank you Jane for dropping by and for your nice comments.

    Hoi Renate en Judy, bedankt voor jullie leuke kommentaren. Groetjes!


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