Thursday, October 4, 2012

a cow sketch

We decided to buy a new computer because we were not able to bring back our old one into its normal working condition. It took us long however to make our new one works. We are not good in the technical aspect of the computer so we had to make some visits to the shop where we bought the computer for advice. Apparently, our old computer could still be just working according to the guy in the shop. Anyway, this was the reason why you have not heard from me for sometime. I'll visit all your blogs once we finished installing and fixing everything in our new computer. We have a laptop but that we use only for specific purposes.
     This sketch is an old one. I did not post it here earlier since I could see that something is not right in the cow. Anyway, you can see that it is a cow, he!


  1. I like your cow, Cora! Good luck with your computer problems, hope to see you online again soon!

  2. Hi Cora. Sorry to hear about all your computer problems. They can be so frustrating sometimes when they don't work. Just love this cow. It has one of those stares that says "I'm looking right back at you." Lovely work with lots of personality.

  3. Hi, Cora. Welcome back to the internet world! The cow is really cute...she seems to be trying to remember something;-)

  4. Hoi Cora:)Hij ziet er best wel heel lief uit:) Een echte hollandse koei !

  5. Hi Judy, Laura, Christiane and Renate,

    Thank you very much for your uplifting and wonderful comments. I appreciate them and your constant presence in my blog. Hope you'll continue to beautify my world. Thanks again. Greetings.


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