Sunday, March 3, 2013

chinese lantern

I wanted to post something today so I decided to show here this chinese lantern which I am still working on. I don't know yet what colors I will use for the background. And I also think the leaves need to be darkened a little more. This is in acrylic on a canson acrylic paper. I want to know more about working with acrylic that is why now and then I try to use it.


  1. wunderschön, ich liebe diese kleinen lampions
    eine starke arbeit
    lg maria

  2. Thank you Maria for your compliments.

  3. Cora, I see this is going to be a good one.!
    I'll look in on it again.
    I love your watercolors, but then again I'm a watercolor lover. !

  4. I know nothing about acrylics, have never tried it , but I like this very much ! I think you are right in darkening the leaves in some places , it will enhance the lanterns even more, good job ! xx

  5. Looking good so far!! Not using acrylics, I can't help, but am looking forward to seeing what you do with it xx

  6. Het ziet er goed uit, ik vind werken met acryl heel moeilijk hoor.

  7. Hallo Cora:) Heerlijke frisse kleuren! Je doet het heel goed met acryl. En zo snel al! Ik ben benieuwd hoe hij is als de achtergrond gevuld is. Ik vind hem nu al heel mooi! :)


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