Monday, April 15, 2013

the finished grapes

I have already finished painting the grapes which I was busy with. You can see it below. 
Some of you might had noticed that I was absent for more than a week in the bloggerworld. The reason was that I did some preparation for our painting club's exhibit which took place yesterday. It was fun having such activity although I was not able to sell any painting. But the nice comments I got from my new batch of paintings are more than enough to compensate all the time I spent for the preparation. 

This painting is 30x40 cm and in watercolor.


  1. You do grapes very well, beautiful variety in the colors ! xx

  2. The grapes-are ready to eat...I feel I could just pluck a grape from the bunch! Mrs A

  3. Jane, as always I appreciate your nice comments.

    Mrs A, thank you for your visit and for your nice comments.

  4. Beautiful grapes. I'm glad you enjoyed the exhibition. Fingers crossed you sell some next time!

  5. Beautiful work on the grapes Cora. Great realistic colours and details. Taking part with exhibitions is great fun and I'm glad you enjoyed the experience.

  6. Hello Pat, thank you for your presence here, dearly appreciate it.

    Laura, thank you also for taking sometime to comment in my post.

    Linda, welcome to this blog. I hope you come visit again.

  7. Dear Cora - these are so beautiful...such lovely variety of tones and colors. Thanks for sharing.


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