Sunday, May 5, 2013

a try on yupo

Last month I received a piece of yupo to try on from Renate. Finally today I got some time to sit down and tried my brush on it. I posted this piece here, although it is a trash, only to show how I managed to use watercolors on yupo for the first time. Since I didn't know how watercolors will react on it, I struggled somehow in finding the way to work with it. I observed that this yupo is not absorbent, the watercolors were just flowing on its surface when they were still wet, and it took longer to dry. As you can deduce from this image, I need more practice to be comfortable with this yupo. But I found it interesting and definitely I will try it again. Thank you again Renate for the yupo and for some information about it. Incidentally, the shop where I buy my art supplies is selling this yupo. 


  1. LOL I recognize your struggle from when I tried yupo myself, but the pear isn't bad for a first try :-) Will you try again ?

  2. Yes, Jane. I will try again. I am still curious with this yupo. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Cora I always enjoy seeing your art whether it is acrylics or watercolors. Your roses are lovely my friend. Actually I too have painted on Yupo - it is a challenge - I like it because you never waste it - always can be washed off and restarted. Have a good day.


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