Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Monet's garden and Chagall's paintings exhibition

I know I have been absent for a long time in this blog. Our trip to France was I would say a great one. We enjoyed the garden of Claude Monet in Giverny, now full of flowers unlike during our previous visit. We also visited some of the places in Auvers where Vincent van Gogh had painted, lived and died. In Paris, we went to see the special Chagall's painting exhibition at Musee du Luxembourg. The exhibition is still on going - until 20 July 2013 I think. All Chagall's paintings being shown in the museum are all from different owners, so the paintings are really very special to see in one place. It was very busy and crowded in the museum, there were many visitors that it became very warm inside.
We also spent some time walking around the Montmarte square where several artists are showing their works while also busy painting. During my previous visits in Paris, I never bothered myself to spend a few minutes to look around in the square. But this time being in painting myself, I just wished I could stay longer talking with them.

Our entire trip was not all about arts. We also got to visit family members in France, then spending some days in the Alsace and Vosges regions of the country. Further, we also had a few days in Germany. Anyway I cannot show here all the photographs I'd took during the trip but I have for you a few from the garden of Monet and Chagall's paintings exhibition.

House of Claude Monet

View of the garden from the house

Part of the garden

View of the garden showing Monet's house

Monet's Japanese garden

Closer view of Monet's Japanese garden

View of Monet's garden from inside his house

Musee du Luxembourg - Boutique for Chagall's works

Entrance of Musee du Luxembourg showing partly the long line of visitors


Chagall's painting being shown

Another Chagall's painting


  1. A trip I really envy you , Monet is one of my favorites and I still have to go and see his garden and house. Really enjoyed the photos.

  2. Am happy that you enjoyed the photos, Jane. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Hallo Cora:) Wow ziet er geweldig uit. Zowel de kunsstukken als de tuin en het huis. Dit is vast een ervaring om nooit te vergeten! Dankjewel dat we mee mochten genieten:)


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