Tuesday, October 15, 2013

a rose from somewhere

On a canvas panel, I directly painted this rose without any pencil sketch and an actual reference image. I love roses so much that when I am practicing with my painting, they also become my favorite subject. This painting is still part of my acrylic paints exercises.


  1. Cora - your roses are always beautiful...they are certainly a favorite of mine. I hope yours are still blooming...mine have pretty much given up now. Have a lovely day.

  2. Another lovely rose. You certainly know them well and are very good at them. The pear in the previous post is good also - and such a contrast in styles. Well done!!!

  3. Hello Debbie, thanks for always dropping by. It is now fall, so the leaves of my little rose plant has become yellowish and began falling on the ground.

    Hi Kev, thank you also for your compliments.

    Simonne, dank je wel.

  4. Tjee knap hoor Cora:) Dat doe ik je echt niet na! Rozen vind ik toch al zo moeilijk en dan zonder schets en zonder foto.... Heel mooi geschilderd:)


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