Thursday, July 24, 2014

A rose for MH17 victims

Yesterday, it was so touching to see on TV how the Dutch government accorded with great respect the remains of the victims of the Malaysian airlines flight 17 that was shot down in eastern Ukraine. The transport of all the victims' remains from Ukraine is not yet over but it will be finished soon. To express my sympathy to the loved ones of the victims, I posted this rose which I quickly sketched directly on paper with a brush and watercolor paints. I hope they will find comfort and peace in the middle of their suffering.


  1. Beautiful Rose Cora, and a very thoughtful gesture.
    bless you

  2. Dear Cora - such a wonderful post - the rose is beautiful and may we all look up for those families who are suffering through this terrible tragedy. Thanks for thinking of them. Hugs

  3. A beautiful gesture Cora. Your picture is so appropriate as, like many I'm sure, I have no words for such a tragedy. Bless you.

  4. A beautiful tribute, Cora! It is all so sad.


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