Saturday, July 19, 2014

One week trip to France

Just back from a week travel to France. Had seen Tour de France and were at a cattle farm, a wine city of Riquewihr and other places in France. In driving back to Holland, we also stopped at a few places along the Rhine river in Germany. See some pictures below:

Tour de France2014, L'Epine, France

Tour de France 2014, L'Epine, France

 Road to Riquewihr. In the background are examples of grapes
plantations for the D' Alsace wines. Riquewihr itself is a home
for a lot of wine distilleries.

Houses and shops, Riquewihr city center

 Riquewihr city center

Riquewihr city center

A view from where the Loreley statue stands in the middle
of the Rhine river in Germany.


  1. It sounds like a wonderful trip, Cora. Beautiful photos.

  2. Beautiful photos, Cora... Thank you for sharing.


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