Saturday, September 27, 2014

Orange bell pepper

Last week, I bought Fabriano Artistico white watercolor paper because I wanted to try it, and it was on sale. This bell pepper is my first try, but at this time I could not say if I like the paper. In this painting, I did the underpainting in wet in wet while the glazings in dry in wet. In my next try, I'll paint in a loose technique which is my prepared style.
Have a good and relaxing weekend to all of you.


  1. Ziet er heel goed uit hoor !

  2. Hi Cora,
    I think it came out beautifully!

  3. A perfect pepper with great high lighting !

  4. It looks lovely, Cora.
    Are you looking for a new paper, or simply experimenting?

    1. Hi Pat,
      Thanks for your nice comment. Yes, I am looking for a new paper that's why I am trying or experimenting with Fabriano Artistico paper.

  5. Cora - this is a wonderful the highlights you captured as well. I use Fabriano Artistico paper as much as I do Arches - I really like it. They have a soft-press type which is between hot press and cold press. It is nice too. Take care and have a great day.


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