Sunday, January 20, 2019

A Jug

This jug was part of a number of set ups I saw at Rijksmuseum Twente (10 July 2018) intended for its visitors to try their painting skills. I did not try but took photos of some of the set ups including this jug.
This painting was already framed when I took the image above, so you can notice the reflections of the glass.
I will be travelling again for a long duration, so I might not be posting for some time. I wish you all a productive and enjoyable painting time.


  1. Nice painting, it has volume, good light, transparency has everything.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Very nice jug, beautifully painted. And after all your beautiful roses ....a jug was really needed LOL .

  3. Wonderful painting of such an interesting jug Cora. Hope you have safe travels. Will miss you - Hugs!

  4. Heel knap gedaan Cora !! Goede reis.
    groetjes van Simonne


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