Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Juicy Pears and Julie's notecards

I named this painting 'Juicy Pears'. This is one of the paintings I included during our exhibition last Sunday. I also selected a few from those paintings which I already posted here while the rest I hope to post them here later. The visitors to the exhibition were not so many as last year. One reason could be that there were other two  exhibitions in the same day, so the visitors were divided. Anyway, everybody in the group were happy and satisfied that the entire day went well. Some of us were able to sell and some did not because some of their paintings are not for sale or have already been sold.
This painting is done in watercolor, and the size is 30 x 40 cm (11.75 x 15.75 inches).

Ik noemde dit schilderij 'Sappige Peren'. Het is een van de schilderijen die ik laatste zondag meegenomen heb in onze expositie. Ik heb ook een paar schilderijen gekozen van die ik hier al heb getoond. De bezoekers aan de tentoonsteling waren niet so veel als vorig jaar, misschien vanwege twee andere tentoonstelingen die ook in dezelfde dag plaats vonden. Maar we zijn gelukkig en tevreden met wat tijdens de dag gebeurde. Sommige van ons hebben iets verkocht terwijl de andere hebben gekozen om niets te verkopen. Ik heb dit schilderij gemaakt in aquarel, en de maat is 30 x 40 cm (11.75 x 15.75 inches).

Note Cards from Miss Julie Hill
Last week I won a set of five notecards from Julie (click to visit her blog), the one I chose was Pretty Pansies. Yesterday I got them, they are very beautiful. There was also a magnet -the size of a namecard - inside the pack. This magnet will not be alone in front of our refrigerator because I have already a collection of magnets of other artists. Thank you very much Julie. See below the notecards.
Julie's 'Pretty Pansies'


  1. Cora, I really like your pears!
    Shows are usually a lot of fun even if the sales are not super. Attendance at a show depend on so many factors, but an artist needs only one interested customer to buy a painting:-)

  2. Hi Christiane, thanks for stopping by. Nice that you like my juicy pears.:) I really enjoyed our show. Sitting with a glass of tea with other members of our group was something I really like.

  3. I love your pears!
    Nice to have an art group and an exhibition!
    Ik vind je peren erg mooi!
    Wat leuk dat je in een schildergroep zit en een tentoonstelling hebt gehouden!

  4. Leuk dat je mijn sappige peren mooi vindt. Ja, het is leuk om in een schildergroep te zitten.
    Als ik tijd heb, doe ik vaak mee met hen. Gellukig, zijn iederen in onze groep aardige mensen. Judy, ik wens je het allerbeste toe met jouw schilderen.

  5. Beautiful pears, Cora. Glad you enjoyed the show xx

  6. Lovely pears, Cora. Exhibitions are also a good time to meet friends and enjoy the atmosphere. Maybe as you point out, there were not so many people because there were too many exhibitions on the same day, perhaps you can exhibit your work again in the near future.

    Cora, I'm afraid your beautiful post has been deleted. I was going to publish it when it suddenly disappeared. I really appreciate your visit. Sorry about that :(
    Have a nice day!

  7. It's okey Anna. You knew anyway that I visited your blog and admired sincerely your beautiful painting. Till next time.


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