Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm back!

I'm back here in Holland after more than two months of being away. I decided not to blog during that period because I found it difficult to blog while on a trip and busy doing things other than painting. But what surprised me was that it took sometime before I could start painting again. I didn't exactly know why but I suspected that I was probably tired from my trip to the tropics. Or maybe I lost my enthusiam to paint as a result of being away from my painting world. Although I brought with me some painting materials, I hardly touched them. I could only make some sketches which I sent as cards to some family members. Below is a simple sketch of an Adenium plant which is almost everywhere in Southeast Asia. In general I had enjoyed the trip and probably next year I'll be there again.


  1. Hallo Cora! Leuk dat je weer terug bent en dat je een leuke reis hebt gehad! Misschien kom je nu weer tot schilderen, nu je terug bent. Misschien kun je wat schilderen of schetsen van je reis? Als herinnering.

  2. Welcome back!
    and what a little beauty to start back with :) xx

  3. Dank je wel Judy. Enthusiasme met schilderen komt weer bij me. Ik begon gisteren weer om deel te nemen met mijn schilderclub. Ja ik ga even checken sommige fotos die ik heb gemaakt en daar kan ik misschien iets moois vinden om te schilderen.

  4. Thank you Pat for not giving up my blog despite my long absence. Now I have to take seriously my painting passion so that you'll see something to be admired here when you visit this blog.

  5. Welkom terug Cora. Je hebt een mooie en goede vakantie gehad. Heerlijk hoor. Nu weer terug en dan weer langzamerhand weer beginnen met alledaagse dingen van het leven. ;-)
    Bedankt voor je felicitatie voor mijn trouwdag.


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