Saturday, May 28, 2011

Perfect combination

Every time I prepare vegetable salad during meal time, I see to it that it includes fresh organic red bell pepper or 'paprika'. I really like its taste. I started mixing it with my salad since a nice dinner in one of the hotels in Frankfurt, Germany......One day I could not think of what to paint, then suddenly I thought of the bell pepper in the refregirator. An orange is a good combination with red, so there you are both are now standing on the table.

My simple vegetable salad looks like what you see below. I make my own dressing or I just use the available caesar salad dressing in the supermarket.


  1. Dat ziet er lekker en gezond uit! Mooi geschilderd, Cora! Leuk dat je weer begonnen bent met schilderen!
    P.S. Je staat weer in mijn bloglist.

  2. Lovely painting! Sometimes the simplest things make the best subjects :) xx

  3. Dank je wel Judy. Ja het is leuk om weer bezig te zijn met schilderen. Ik miste het echt.

    Thank you Pat. I really missed my brushes for sometime.

  4. Hi Cora. The salad looks absolutely delicious! Your painting is lovely - the textures and light on the pepper and orange and the shadows cast on the table are excellent :)


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