Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WIP: A Rose at Pontigny Abbey's garden

I have not used my paint brushes for almost two weeks now. Fortunately, today I am able to work again on this painting which I started before Christmas. This is from my photograph which I did last fall at the Abbey's garden at Pontigny in France. This is work in progress and in watercolor. I still have to work on the background and on the flower itself. For the background I'm thinking of dark colors, but which colors - I'm still undecided. 

Last holiday season I did not do any painting but I found time to read something about pastels. Why pastels. It is because of the urge to use the box of pastels which had been given to me long time ago but I have never used them. I found it a pity if they will just be kept in the box. So in preparation I have to know and understand how to use the medium. 


  1. Prachtige roos, Cora! Succes met de pastels, ik heb er geen ervaring mee.

  2. Je bloem is schitterend geworden Cora. Leuk materiaal he, pastel?

  3. I wish I could paint roses like that, i think it is one of the most difficult flowers to paint well. This one is just gorgeous, and the color is my absolute favorite in roses!

  4. Beautiful rose, Cora, its coming along so well.
    Look forward to seeing your background choice and to your pastel work too xx

  5. Beautiful rose, Cora. I've also got a box of pastels and sometimes I mix them with watercolour. It's fun to start a new medium and the best way to start the New Year. I wish you all the best!

  6. Dankje wel, Judy voor jouw inspirerende commentaren.

    Renske, ik vind pastels interessant. Ik ben er nog niet mee begonnen maar volgens wat ik er van heb gelezen is het de moiete waard om te proberen.

    Jane, Pat and Anna, thank you for your encouraging and nice comments. I still have to try my pastels. I hope I can do that soon.

  7. Hi Cora, thanks a lot for your visit to my blog and for the nice comment you left.
    Your works are really nice and I'm pretty sure that you will improve fast. If I can suggest something to you....: do not try to reproduce the reality as it is, do not try to reproduce all what you see, do not paint the real colors, but, paint what you feel, paint your impressions, paint the light, paint with freedom.....
    I put your blog among those I follow. Ciao!!

  8. Hi Tito, I appreciate very much your comments. I agree with what you had all mentioned, in fact I am already trying some of your suggestions. Once I tried to color a pear with red-orange colors.:)


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