Sunday, January 8, 2012

Again a rose :)

The WIP yellow rose that I posted before this one is not yet finished. In the coming week, I plan to finish it and probably post it here again. This rose however is the colored version of a sketch I had posted in this blog sometime last month. The real story behind this rose is that it was one of the pieces from the bouquet of roses that we got 'gratis' from the supermarket near us - the Albert Hijn. This supermarket sometime gives for free its old stocks of flowers to its clients. A nice way of disposing still usable things, I thought. We love and always buy yellow roses, so we were delighted when we got them. 
This work is in watercolor, and done in wet on wet and wet on dry techniques - both in the background and on the flower itself. I welcome comments so please feel free to tell me what I need to improve. Thanks.


  1. Mooi gedaan, die schaduwen, Cora!

  2. Lovely rose, the only thing I would suggest is some more shadow to enhance it even better.

  3. Beautiful rose , love the yellow color and the bg aswell.


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