Monday, January 23, 2012

A try-out with my new brush

Don't take this work seriously. I did it this morning just to check and test my new watercolor brush. I played with the colors of the building, so its original colors are different. I had some fun while doing this, so I thought why not share it here.

This building is a chapel in Ronchamp, France. It was designed by the famous French architect "Le Corbusier."   I had been in the area twice and had photographed the chapel myself. However, here I got my reference photo from the newspaper "De Volkskrant."


  1. Ik herkende meteen dat het een ontwerp van Le Corbusier was. Dus goed geschilderd, Cora!

  2. I think the new brush works very well :-))

  3. Hi Cora, it looks fine to me, nice composition and colors. May be you can put few touches of color here and there to create more "movement". Hugs!

    1. I really appreciate your comments, Tito. I learn good points from you, and that's what I needed. Thanks

  4. You're looking at home with the new brush already - very nice piece of work xx

  5. looks like your enjoying your new brush ,,,i love this building one of my favorite interiors.

  6. Thank you Jane for stopping by.


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