Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lidice Rose 3

Every one of us has our own favorite subject to paint. For me, I like roses because they are my favorite flowers especially the yellow ones. So, in this blog I would like to tell everyone that once in a while you will see roses here :-). I hope you'll not get tired of enjoying my roses as I do. Regarding the title of this post, Lidice is a place in Czech Republic where a memorial park dedicated for those who died in the area during the war is located. I had been in the area in June 2009 in which during that time, the park was full of blooming roses.
This is done in acrylic on Canson's acrylic paper, 20x25 cm.


  1. Prachtige roos, Cora! Je kunt niet genoeg rozen schilderen, als het aan mij ligt!

  2. I will never tire of your roses Cora, one of my favorite flowers, but I think they are so difficult to paint, and I admire your ability to doing them so well. This one has my favorite rose color, it actually looks like one of my climbing roses ....truly beautiful. Have a nice day!

  3. Hi Cora, I know the sad story of the village of Lidice, I think that your wonderful rose is a tribute to the sacrifice of its people! Ciao!


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