Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Water drop

This is a mini water drop (7 x 10 cm) I did last January. I was just practicing 
then on a scrap watercolor paper, but it turned out cute so I decided 
to put it in a frame. The idea of this water drop came from the demo
of Birgit O'connor and from Barbara Fox.
I did this as a practice and for fun; and not for sale.
This is in watercolor.


  1. Was dit het schilderijtje dat je bij Barbara Fox had gewonnen, Cora? Erg mooi, zo ingelijst!

    1. Hi Judy,
      Ik heb dit schilderij zelf gemaakt. Heb gezien de demo van Birgit O'connor en ook van Barbara Fox. Van hun kreeg ik het idee van water drop.

  2. Gorgeous simplicity! Very contemporary.

  3. Well done, Cora! Beautiful water drop. Ciao.


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