Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pastels' study

This is another practice on pastels. Here I used fixative, and I observed afterwards that it changed the intensity of the colors in the painting. I read somewhere that fixative darkens the colors, thus many pastels' users avoid it in their paintings. However, many use it to avoid smudging. I think I have to read further on this issue to know the benefits of using and not using it.


  1. Beautiful study, Cora! I like your "pettirosso"! Have a good week end!

  2. A lovely study Cora, very cute little bird.

  3. Hello Cora:) I love your bird. Very well done!

  4. Hello Tito and Jane,
    Thank you very much for your nice comments. I really appreciate them.

    Hi Renate,
    Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I hope you will visit again. I'll check your blog soon.

  5. Loving your bird in pastels, Cora. I see your moving on from watercolors, Good for you..
    I do watercolors, but a lot of pencil also, and have used fixative on those and am always afraid of it changing the look, so far that hasn't happened with graphite. BJ


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